V Coloquio Pre doctoral

Jorge Luis Cardenas, University of Gent, Belgium
Por: Jorge Luis Cardenas

The effect of social capital and stakeholder behavior on technology transfer networks: the case of banana agribusiness in Ecuador.

Boris Herrera, ESADE / ESAN Doctoral Program, Barcelona / Peru
Por: Boris Herrera

Knowledge management as an effective tool to improve economic performance in micro and small enterprises.

Wei He, Doctoral Program, Florida International University, USA
Por: Wei He

Examining the determinants of research and development investment in developing economies--an empirical study of US international R&D

Silvio Borrero, Doctoral Program, Universidad ICESI, Colombia
Por: Silvio Borrero

Making do with less: an entropic view of happiness.

Percy Marquina, Centrum/ Maastricht School of Management, Peru/Holanda
Por: Percy Marquina

Measuring the impact of corporate social responsibility on consumer behavior: the case of Peruvian consumers.

Carlos Atoche, Doctoral Program, EGADE/ITESM, Monterrey, Mexico
Por: Carlos Atoche

Capability lifecycles: an insight from the innovation capability evolution in emerging economies.

Kurt Burneo, ESADE / ESAN Doctoral Program, Barcelona / Peru
Por: Kurt Burneo

La relacion entre bancarización publica y crecimiento economico regional. Un estudio de caso.

Diego Cueto, Doctoral Program, Concordia University, Canada
Por: Diego Cueto

Corporate governance and ownership structure in emerging markets: Evidence from Latin America.

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