Robins School of Business Ranked No. 1 in International Business in U.S. Undergraduate Programs

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The Robins School, Member of CLADEA, ranked in the top 20 in six other specialty categories: No. 3 in microeconomics, No. 5 in entrepreneurship, No. 7 in accounting, No. 13 in ethics, No. 13 in macroeconomics and No. 19 in quantitative methods.

Rankings are determined by responses collected from a survey of senior business students enrolled in the 123 participating schools.

"Being ranked number one in international business for the second consecutive year by Bloomberg Businessweek is testimony of  the hard work and dedication of the Robins School faculty, staff and students as well as the support of our corporate friends and the rest of the university – most notably the staff of the university's Office of International Education. We are truly honored by this recognition," said Tom Cossé, associate dean for international business programs at the Robins School.

Bloomberg Businessweek previously ranked the Robins School’s undergraduate program as No. 15 and the MBA program as one of the top 20 part-time MBA programs in the country. The Robins School’s executive education division offers open enrollment courses and customized leadership development programs for individuals and businesses.


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