Challenge:Future Competitions 2013

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This year we are challenging youth (18-30 years old) to think about solutions for fighting youth unemployment and poverty, imagine the perfect education system, envision their dream job and best companies of the future. Competitions are supported by CEEMAN, UN PRME, AT Kearney, EACEA Youth in Action, RAZ:UM, Out of the Box and University of Maribor.

Each competition brings many opportunities for:

- Schools: new ways of bringing innovation and sustainability topics into their curriculum while competing to receive global recognition as The Most Innovative School – a title awarded to those with most outstanding students and mentors.

- Mentors: participating as mentors and competing for a chance to receive waived tuition fee 2013 PRME Summit and 21st CEEMAN Annual Conference in Bled, Slovenia on 26-27 September  2013.

- Students: scholarships of up to EUR 2,500 per person to attend the Challenge:Future Summit 2013 in Slovenia (5 events in 3 cities), internships and job offers, speaking opportunities at global events, and various other prizes.


Picture the future of work, think about your dream job, dream company and make it work!

What’s in it for you? Three month paid Internship in AT Kearney offices in Slovenia or Poland, EUR 3.000 money prize or one of 70 scholarships for attending C:F Summit 2013 in Slovenia.

What do you have to do? To compete and win the prizes, the first step is to create a team until 18 February 2013.


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