Research Project 2013: Y-ers ready for work around the world

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In the present economies, young people are more vulnerable facing the challenges addressing our societies in relation to job market. In this context, ISTUD Foundation has been devoting a remarkable attention to the new dynamics involving the critical relationship between high-qualified young people, enterprises and the job market as a whole.

This research have the object understanding the main drivers and features of young people’s mobility in different countries. Will be carried out in cooperation with universities, primary business schools and research centres on one hand and, on the other hand, with national and international partner companies in the selected countries.

The research will be carried out between October 2012 and September 2013. Results will be published on a Final Report, both in Italian and English version and disseminated online.

There are two ways of supporting the project: Main sponsorship and International School Partners, those will have an active role in the data gathering for Y-ers ready for work around the world and they will benefit immediately from the survey’s results.

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Research Project Manager

Simonetta Manzini

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