International WorkLife Balance Award

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International WorkLife Balance Award recognizes organizations from around the world who offer the best work-life balance policies for their employees,  families and the local community.In its f fth Edition, the Award is promoted by Lombardy Region of Italy, in collaboration with ALTIS- Postgraduate School Business and Society - of the Catholic University of Milan, and with the support of the Italian Department of Equal Opportunity of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.Work-life balance practices are those policies which facilitate the integration of work and family life and allow for the f exibility to meet family commitments without sacrif cing professional productivity. 
Each winner will receive a trip for two to Milan, Italy where they will receive their award during the III World Regions Forum. One employer will be chosen from each continent and a separate award will be reserved for the best project submitted from the Lombardy Region
How to participate?
Participation is simple. Complete the nomination form from the Lombardy region website and send it by e-mail to press@premiofamiglialavoro. Before by Friday 31th May 2013.
More information click here.
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