Conference: Entrepreneurship and Business Education in Emerging World

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In the framework of its 25th anniversary the International Academy of Business, institutional member of CLADEA, is organising this conference due to take place on Oct 31 – Nov 1, in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Conference hosts would like to initiate a scientific exchange of views on the following major issues:


· What are the entrepreneurial achievements in the U.S. and Western Europe which can be an example for other countries in the world?

· What are the characteristics of entrepreneurship in the region of Central Asia, China, Russia, India and other emerging economies?

· What are the Western and Eastern trends that can be observed in the management models of emerging economies?

· What factors (political, economic, ideological and cultural) contribute to the increase of competitiveness, business culture and social responsibility of entrepreneurs?

· What role does entrepreneurship play in changing social norms, labor relations and corporate culture of each country?

· What is the role and place of management education and entrepreneurial universities in fostering the economic development of emerging countries?

· What factors help to improve the business environment?

The format of the conference is the business forum with scientific content; the organisers expect International and Kazakhstan representatives, foreign businesses, government officials, leading academics and experts in different areas of economics to take part in the Conference.

The hosts also welcome papers containing the evidence-based analysis of modern trends and development prospects of entrepreneurship and management education.


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