19th edition of the Global Marketing Competition

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Esic Business & Marketing School, member institution of CLADEA, and the Banco Santander present the 19th edition of the Global Marketing Competition, international competition which aims to strengthen ties between the academic and business world. It is intended for students of undergraduate programs, graduate programs, as well as MBA students or doctoral programs from public or private institutions.


1° The team that comes in first place will receive 
6.000€ and a specialised master at esic

2° The team that comes in second place will receive 

3° The team that comes in third place will receive 

4° 2.000€ for the team that comes in fourth place

5° 1.500€ for the team that comes in fifth place

6° 1.000€ for the team that comes in sixth place

The competition is divided into three groups to represent the three major international markets. In the first stage of the game, the teams from each group compete against each other. In the second stage, the winning teams compete against the teams from each group.

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