2014 BALAS Annual Conference

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The Business Association of Latin American Studies – Balas, presents the 2014 BALAS Annual Conference, denominate “Local Responses to Global Challenges: Lessons from Smaller Economies”. The event will be held from 9th-12th April, 2014 in North West, Mt. Hope, Trinidad and Tobago. Hosted by Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business, University of West Indies.

Size Matters: The Effects of Globalization on Small Economies
The Role of the State and State Owned Enterprises in the development of business

Accounting, Taxation and Management Information and Control Systems
Consumer Behavior
Corporate Finance
Culture, Social and Ethical Issues
Economic Environment and Regional Integration
Entrepreneurship and Family Business
Financial Markets, Investment and Risk Management
Human Resource Management
Information Technology Management
Marketing Management
Management Education and Teaching Cases
Supply-Chain and Operations Management

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