GBSN/EFMD: The 2014 Africa Conference

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The conference will take place from 4th to 5th, November 2014, with the GBSN Members Meeting and EFMD Accreditation Seminar on 3rd November 2014. The venue for the conference will be Barcelona, Spain. The host institution is IESE Business School.
This first-ever joint conference between GBSN and EFMD is a seminal event in the advancement of management education in Africa and throughout the developing world.
The Conference theme, Quality in Context: Management Education for the Developing World, will address the specific needs of market sectors, such as agribusiness and health, as well as the growing presence of technology, models for international collaboration in education, and how to meet increased demand for local management talent by multi-national companies.
The 2014 Africa Conference has been moved from Ghana to Barcelona, Spain due to the ongoing and tragic crisis surrounding the Ebola virus.
For more information about this conference:
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