Workshop: “The Global Imperative for Higher Education Leadership”

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The Global Leadership Imperative for Higher Education Workshop - CLADEA / CSULB have successfully held on 15 March to 17 March 2016 in California, United States organized California State University San Bernardino and CLADEA.

The workshop discussed the importance that leads the changes of higher education in a globalize world, at the same time to help directors, deans and professors to develop key skills such as recognizing different actions and guidelines required by the institutions and the society.

Also, there were addressed topics as: Scholarly Discussion of Leadership and Ethics to be used in Curriculum Development and Analysis; Global Education: Crucial Organizational Leadership Behaviors; Ethics and Leadership in an Era of Globalization; Leadership in Higher Education; Facilitated Discussion and Application to Real World Cases in the U.S. and Latin America; University Leaders Speak on Their Experiences; Working in Communities to Enhance Your Leadership and Ethics, etc.

Participants who took part at the event: Dr. Larry Rose, Dean of the School of Business and Public Administration from California State University; Kim Wilcox, Chancellor of the University of California Riverside; Thomas Morales, President of California State University San Bernardino; Olga Pizarro, President of CLADEA; Jorge Talavera, Rector of the University ESAN (Peru) and Alberto Zapater, Executive Director of CLADEA and other experts.

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