Cross-Border Coffee Break: Developing Deans

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Business school deans and directors face similar challenges when first assuming their positions: setting strategy, managing risks, supporting faculty, and leading a diverse group of stakeholders. For institutions in the developing world, these tasks require resourceful leadership that combines international best practice with locally relevant solutions.

Register for the Cross-Border Coffee Break: Developing Deans Combining International Best Practice with Innovation and learn about the unique approach GBSN’s Developing Deans Program takes to prepare, support and connect new and aspiring deans and directors from business schools with operations in developing countries.

This virtual conversation, led by Rohit Verma, Dean External Relations at the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business, will serve as an introduction to the program format, curriculum, and learning objectives. 


Discover how the program will help new and aspiring deans with operations in developing countries to:

• Understand the role and responsibilities of administrative and academic leadership within a business school

• Be exposed to best practices in business school administration

• Address a priority or challenge within the business school through the Applied Leadership Project


Date: Wednesday, March 28


Time: 9:00 - 9:30 am EDT


Cost: FREE