University of Indianapolis Athens and Yanbu Industrial College receive the first Global Partnership Award from ACBSP

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During the inaugural International Conference of ACBSP, partner institution of CLADEA,  in Brussels, Belgium, the University of Indianapolis Athens and Yanbu Industrial College became the first recipients of a new award, The Global Partnership Award, which honors two ACBSP member schools that have found valued ways to collaborate to the benefit of students, faculty, the community, and the business school.

Charles Beem, ACBSP president, presented certificates to Gasim Alandjani, Managing Director, Yanbu Industrial College in Saudi Arabia, and Vasilis Botopoulos, Chancellor, University of Indianapolis Athens in Greece. Alandjani and Botopoulos presented a session at the conference describing how they first began their work together, the difficulties they overcame, and the benefits they have found in their work together. 
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