Quality in Context: Management Education for the Developing World

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The Global Business School Network and EFMD,  institution partner of CLADEA, present a special joint conference convening deans and faculty from leading business schools around the world in Accra, Ghana to discuss how to define and deliver quality management education in the context of the developing world.
Hosted at CEIBS Ghana and GIMPA business schools with the theme Quality in Context: Management Education for the Developing World, the conference will give participants the opportunity to explore on-the-ground realities facing students, companies and governments, and how to deliver the management education they need to thrive.
November 3, 2014
GBSN Members Only Meeting at CEIBS Ghana
EFMD Accreditation Seminar at CEIBS Ghana
November 4-5, 2014
GBSN & EFMD Joint Conference at GIMPA
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