Full-Time Administrators: Looking at Gender by Position Title and Accreditation Status

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By Jessica Brown, Senior Manager, Knowledge Services, AACSB International
Gender is a hot topic whether we are looking at school faculty, enrollments, administration, or even at the top positions like CEO in any industry. Each year, AACSB, institution partner of CLADEA,  collects information on the gender of full-time administrators at business schools through the annual Global Salary Survey. For 2013-2014, over 600 member schools (531 AACSB-accredited) chose to participate in the Global Salary Survey, providing information on more than 3,600 full-time administrators for the categories included below. The data in the following charts below includes both nine-month and twelve-month positions at participating schools. As schools may differ from one another in the precise position title used, the positions listed below are based on the best match for full-time administrators at each school.
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