Blomberg: Connecting your students to Wall Street

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The Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT), it is a tool designed to enhance financial recruiting, aid students with employability and offer a link between university classrooms and Wall Street.
The BAT is a two hour test comprised of 100 multiple-choice aptitude questions, covering eight key performance areas. The test provides students valuable feedback regarding their personal strengths in relation to a financial career and then allows them to connect with Bloomberg’s network of over 20,000 employers to discuss internships and full-time entry level positions.
Employers using the Talent Search are seeking a wide range of skill sets and experience for a variety of roles, including: Consulting, Accounting, Insurance, Compliance, Research and Development, Investment Banking, Sales, HR, Trading, Marketing, Analytics and Global Data. In addition to providing access to traditional entry level schemes, the BAT also provides students an exclusive avenue to be recruited by Hedge Funds and small boutique financial firms that are normally very difficult to engage.
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