6th Global Drucker Forum 2014

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The Great Transformation - Managing Our Way to Prosperity, will be the core focus of the Drucker Forum 2014. This event will be held in Vienna from 13th -14th, November.  Under the lens of the big transformation, specific subjects will be discussed in depth such as: 
Does the practice of Management need fundamental change? What should it be?; How can Economics and Management be repositioned as complementary disciplines to create the conditions for change - at a macro level tightly coupled to the micro level where managers and knowledge workers create the future?; What is the contribution of educational institutions (from schools to universities) to create a understanding of the vital role of Management and Leadership for business and non-business institutions and organizations (government, education, social security, civil society and non-profits)?and other questions.
With a mix of high-profile practitioners and thought leaders in their respective fields the Drucker Forum will provide impulses to the emerging global dialogue on mastering these challenges. Participants will gain new perspectives and insights into concrete examples that they might include in their strategies and their own practices as they prepare  for the future.
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