Workshop: Leaders - inside out Leadership, Based on the Tavistock Method

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A three-day residential workshop designed to enable participants to analyse, explore and experiment with how they use their authority within leadership roles in complex organizations. Particular emphasis will be put on assessing the capacity to influence and lead change within organizations. This event will be held from February 26th to 28th, 2015 in Arona, Lake Maggiore, Northern Italy. Organized by Centro Esperienze e Studi di Management e Amministrazione - CESMA.
An opportunity to develop and demonstrate your leadership ability (inside), fully using your capacity and feelings in the service of the leadership task (inside->out).
Leadership capacity is intricately bound up with the use of personal authority in taking up a role as well as recognizing interdependence with others. Authority needs to be given as well as taken; thus there are no leaders without followers prepared to trust in their leadership.
The workshop will be held in English. A good knowledge of the language is therefore necessary to gain the most from the workshop. Anyway an interpreter will be available all around the workshop.
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