Spirituality & Creativity in Management World Congress

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We are pleased to invite you to participate in the World Congress on “Spirituality and Creativity in Management: Challenges for the future” to be held in Barcelona on April 23rd, 24th, and 25th 2015. The institution host: ESADE Business School.

This first World Congress encompasses the 4th IAMSR Conference on Management and Spirituality, of which the three previous editions were held in Vienna (Austria), Bangalore (India) and Lourdes (France).

We encourage submissions from management scholars, leadership scholars, psychologists, sociologists, anthropologists, religious scholars, artists, creativity and innovation scholars, philosophers, organizational leaders, and consultants who wish to bring rigor and relevance to this important and rapidly growing field.

A sample list of possible submission themes may include:How may spirituality be manifested in management practice?; How may academics and practitioners help to develop spirituality and creativity in management?; How may spirituality in the workplace be conceptualized, measured, modeled, taught, and/or trained?; How may academics and practitioners address the spiritual needs and different faiths of people within organizations and educational programs?; How do we develop the spiritual life of people within multi-cultural organizations?; How may an organization develop a spiritual and creative identity?, etc.

Submission Guidelines

1. Submissions need to be in English (maximum 10 pages, 1 ½ space, comprehensive and sufficient content to enable adequate review).

2. A maximum of two submissions will be allowed by the same author.

3. If a submission is accepted, the author (or one of the co-authors) must be registered for the Congress

Academic Paper submission deadline November 28th 2014.


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