Winners of the 2014 CEEMAN Case writing Competition in cooperation with Emerald

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CEEMAN announced the results of the 20th CEEMAN Case Writing Competition. The winners of the 20th CEEMAN Case Writing competition held in cooperation with Emerald were announced at the Gala dinner of the CEEMAN Annual Conference in Budapest, on 26 September.

Coincidentally the winning case, titled Painted Into a Corner: Managing the Virtual Sales Team at ColorPlus Industries, came from Hungary as well and was written by Ms. Monika Nadj and Dr. Zoltan Buzady from CEU Business School, Hungary. Dr. Buzady accepted the award from the president of the evaluating committee, Prof. Vladimir Nanut and the Emerald representative, Mr. Alec Egan. Dr. Buzady emphasized the importance of case writing and said: "It is a great honor for me to have participated again on this prestigious case global writing competition. CEEMAN and Emerald Group Publishing play a very active role in developing modern and up-to-date teaching materials and enhance the academic work in the emerging regions such as CEE region and beyond. 

I am glad that we have found so many great partners in this common mission - and I wish to us all that this developmental work brings fruits in future".

Joining us at the conference were also representatives of SIM University, Singapore, who won the second place with their case study Mastering the Art of Managing a Conglomerate Business Empire in Myanmar written by Dr. Jenson Chong-Leng Goh, Mr. Manohar Sabnani, Associate Professor Gee Kwang Randolph Tan and Ms. Siew Peng Tan.

Professor June M. L. Poon, UKM-Graduate School of Business, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Malaysia, received her award for winning the third place at the competition with the case study titled The Love-smitten Director: Workplace Romance or Sexual Harassment?

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