ACBSP: 2014-15 Accreditation Governance Board

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The Accreditation Governance Board will better position ACBSP to successfully meet the ever-changing accreditation demands required to provide the high-quality, CHEA-recognized accreditation the association has offered since 1988. 

“Among the responsibilities of this new Board is to create a mechanism to review and address emerging accreditation matters, said Dr. Peter S. Horn, Board Chair. “Establishing this Board will also facilitate continuous improvement of academic quality as the Council continues to grow globally,” Horn explained. 


The following business educators and industry leaders were appointed to serve the 2014-15 ACBSP Accreditation Governance Board, with terms effective through June 30, 2015:

• Peter Horn —Institute of Finance and Economics (Mongolia) — Chair

• Betsy Davis, Florida State College at Jacksonville (United States) — Chair-Elect

• Tim Anderson — Chadron State University (United States) — Member

• Janice Stoudemire — Palmetto Academic Consulting Services, Inc. (United States) — Member

• Bruce Stetar — Southern New Hampshire University (United States) — Member

• Von Plessner — Northwest State Community College (United States) — Member

• Steve Parscale — ACBSP Director of Accreditation/CAO — Ex-Officio Member

• Anthony Negbenebor — Gardner-Webb University (United States) — Observer

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