UTSA College - Expanding Entrepreneurship Program

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In an effort to highlight the cross disciplinary nature of entrepreneurship, UTSA - College of Business, member institution of CLADEA, has named Lisa Montoya as Associate Dean of Entrepreneurship Programs. She will also continue to serve as Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies in the College of Business.
In this new role, Montoya will coordinate all educational and experiential entrepreneurial activity in the College of Business.  
Also, Anita Leffel has been named Director of Entrepreneurship.
“Our goal is to be one of the premier entrepreneurship programs in Texas and the first choice for students,” said Montoya.
Currently at the undergraduate level, students can major in entrepreneurship and any UTSA student can minor in entrepreneurship. At the graduate level, an MBA concentration in entrepreneurship is offered as well as a graduate certificate in technology entrepreneurship and management. 
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