Global Strategy and Emerging Markets 2016 Annual Conference and International Business Institute

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The University of Miami CIBER (Center for International Business Education and Research) is pleased to announce its Global Strategy and Emerging Markets (GSEM) 2016 annual conference in Miami, Florida, USA on January 6 to 8, 2016. This conference will provide a platform to bring together scholars, doctoral students, and practitioners in the fields of international business (IB), strategic management, cross-cultural management, and global entrepreneurship from around the world. This platform aims not only to foster sharing and discussion of frontier issues associated with emerging market-related global strategies, but also to create an opportunity for co-learning interactions between scholars from the U.S. and from emerging economies (particularly from Latin America), between IB research and IB practices and teaching, and between IB faculty and IB doctoral students.

Emerging economies are surpassing the developed world in terms of contributions to world economic growth, with emerging market enterprises (EMEs) playing a major role in this transformation. Many companies from these economies are relentlessly scaling the value chain in pursuit of growing roles on the world stage. They increasingly contest developed market leaders, gain market share, accelerate outbound FDI, and even create new business models. Meanwhile, a large number of advanced economy multi-national enterprises (AMNEs) entering and competing in emerging markets have been significantly changing their dominant strategies over the past decades to cope with new or shifting competitive, regulatory, and socio-cultural environments in these markets.

This conference seeks to create a scholarly forum for the study of international business issues relating to emerging markets that involve both the internationalization of EMEs and AMNEs competing in these markets. These issues are diverse, such as unique strategies and behaviors of emerging market MNEs, winning strategies by AMNEs operating in foreign emerging markets, global co-opetition between AMNEs and EMEs, competitive strengths and weaknesses of EMEs in international competition, business model innovation by emerging market MNEs, and adaptation of EMEs to the new global normal such as global connectivity and accelerated flows of trade, investment, finance, people and data, to name a few. We also encourage submissions that tackle the commonality and differences among emerging markets (e.g., common and disparate traits in institutional environment, varying motives and strategies in international expansion by EMEs from different emerging economies). 

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