Kudos: new service to ARLA authors offered by Emerald

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ARLA, journal of CLADEA published by Emerald Group Publishing, is now offering the Kudos service to authors. Kudos is an online toolkit that helps maximize the visibility and impact of academic publications and provides authors with tools designed to help increase readership and citations of their article. Using Kudos, authors can explain their work for wider audiences and share it more effectively via their existing networks. Kudos map authors’ actions directly against downloads, citations and altmetrics enabling them to learn which tools help increase impact.
We are excited about the opportunities Kudos offers authors to increase the visibility and impact of their research. For instance, in a pilot study of Emerald authors, those using the Kudos sharing tools saw 19% higher downloads for their published work than those that didn’t make use of a vital service that is free to Emerald authors.

How does Kudos work?
Once an article has been published in ARLA, the author will receive an email invitation directly fromKudos which invites them to register for Kudos. Once registered, authors can begin the process of increasing the visibility and impact of their publications:
  • Action 1: Explain: Explain publications by adding simple descriptions that anyone can understand, and by highlighting what makes the work important.
  • Action 2: Enrich: Enrich publications by adding links to related resources that help put research in context.
  • Action 3: Share: Share publications by email and social media. Kudos also shares content and links across discovery channels (such as search engines and subject indexes) to increase readership.
  • Action 4: Measure: Kudos enables researchers and their institutions and publishers to track the effect of their actions against a wide range of metrics, including downloads, citations and altmetrics.

More information about the collaboration is available on the Emerald Group Publishing website here.

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