Universidad del Pacífico presents the conference: Exploring Leadership in Latin America

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This event will be held on August 10 -12 at Lima - Perú. The hosted by Universidad del Pacífico.

Exploring Leadership in Latin America is an opportunity to share experiences, conclusions, analyses, practices, situations, cases, processes, research, or reflections that can have an impact on Latin America organizations, businesses, and societies, contributing to their transformation.

This conference asks: How does transformation come about? What type of transformation is Latin America actually experiencing? What factors limit systemic transformational process and how can these limitations be overcome? If entrenched interests are powerful enough to prevent change, what role is there for leadership? In what way does the system determine whether individuals reveal themselves as leaders? How might alternative leaders emerge? What resistances emerge to prevent, hinder, or slow down transformation? What else is there besides individuals in transformation processes? How do the subjective world of people, the culture, the collective unconscious, and the social relations work?

This conference will explore these questions, asking participants to consider the new and critical dynamism the world is experiencing and how this course is being expressed, particularly within a Latin American context.

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