Call for papers: AIB-LAT 7th Annual Conference

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After the adoption of the Washington Consensus, there were large expectations regarding economic growth and development in the Latin American region. However, growth has been relatively modest and varied and large inequalities remain. In this context, the role of companies in society and how they do business have been questioned. Institutional pressures for new business models that provide value to multiple stakeholders are growing, and are particularly strong for firms with international operations. Questions remain regarding how traditional and emerging market multinationals should respond to this situation, what business models should they pursue, and which firms obtain reputation benefits from responding to these pressures?

To address these issues, the Latin American Chapter of the Academy of International Business (AIB-LAT) announces its 7th Annual conference “Corporate Shared Values, MNCs and Corporate Reputation in Latin America”, to be held in Lima, Peru at ESAN University from March 8 -10, 2017.

The main topic: Corporate Shared Values, MNCs and Corporate Reputation in Latin America– March 8–10, 2017 - Lima, Peru

Papers based on this year’s topic are encouraged but other papers more broadly based on international business and Latin America will also be welcome.
Keep in mind all submissions for the main conference must be in English but we also accept manuscripts in Spanish for one of the Paper Development Workshop (PDW).

Please, find the guidelines for submission at our main conference website(under the submissions tab):

AIBLAT2017 Submission deadline: September 30th, 2016

Link for Submission:

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