Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development. Rethinking the European-American relationship in a disruptive world

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Innovation Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development. Rethinking the European American relationship in a disruptive world

Cartagena de Indias (May, 30 th - June 1 st , 2018)

The Conference Cerale - Uniandes 2018, that is convened by the academy, corporations and institutions cannot ignore the contemporary historical moment the world is living: a Europe shaken in its foundations that must seek in its essence the strength to rethink itself; an international scene shocked by the advent of a new era in the United States and its relationship with the world, as happens with the historic agreement on Climate Change that after being approved by almost all the States is denounced by the first world power; a Latin America that, having passed the first decade of the millennium with substantive progress in poverty reduction, fails to provide its population with sustainable and inclusive growth while questioning the permanence of its economic ties with its north American neighbor. In this challenging context, peace, justice and the strengthening of institutions is of great importance to the countries of the region, hence the notion of "a world in disruption" mentioned in the title.

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