"Cladea Awards 2018" recognized the academic and business community

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The First Edition of "CLADEA Awards" was successfully run. Under a recognition of the work in innovation, entrepreneurship, sustainability and management of member school´s of CLADEA; also, Multilatinas, companies and entrepreneurs with outstanding work. The award ceremony was held on August 26 to 27, 2018, having as host institution to "Universidad del Norte" in Barranquilla - Colombia.

In the Multilatinas Category, the awarded companies were: Cemex, Terpel, Arcos Dorados, Mexichem, ISA, Bancolombia, Grupo Argos, Avianca, Grupo Sura, Grupo Nutresa and Colombina.

Barranquillero businessman Antonio Celia Martínez-Aparicio, president of Promigas, was recognized as Latin American Leader Businessman.

In the Students and Graduates Sustainability category:

  • Third Place: Ana Carina Castagna, Federal, University of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre (Brazil) with the project: Consumer trust in food safety: How regulatory focus impact on trust in food safety and food waste.  
  • Second Place: Jorge Emiliano Campos Maldonado and María José González Virgen, Universidad Anáhuac Querétaro (Mexico), with the project: “VIRIDI” -Implementation of Green Walls as an environmental sustainability project for schools.
  • First place was obtained by Andrés Felipe Muñoz-Villamizar from "Universidad de la Sabana" (Colombia), with the project: Methodology to integrate and improve productive and environmental efficiency in organizations.

In the category of University Sustainability:

  • Third Place: Edmundo Lizarzaburu, professor at ESAN University, with the project: Strategic corporate social responsibility and its effects on corporate reputation.
  • Second Place: Jesús Antonio Muñoz Cifuentes and Andrés Mauricio Novella Pinzón, professors at Universidad de los Andes (Colombia), with the project: Youth Leadership Network of Colombia.
  • First Position: Bart van Hoof, professor at "Universidad de Los Andes" (Colombia), with the project: Sustainable Business Network - RedESCAR.

In the Entrepreneurs Students and Graduates category:

  • Third Place: Juan Pablo Pérez Monsalve and Alejandro Suarez Duque, Universidad EAFIT (Colombia), with the project: Perception, intention and entrepreneurial attitude of university students. A Latin American analysis.
  • Second Place: Carlos Brunal, Camila E. Henao, Juan José Herrera, Natalia Martínez and María Rodríguez at Universidad de la Sabana (Colombia), with the project: Happy Bags.
  • First Place: Gabriel Obyrne and Rafael Ortegón from Universidad del Norte (Colombia), with the project: FIBRATECH.

In the category of Entrepreneurship University:

  • Third Place: Esperanza Rincón Castiblanco, professor at Corporación Universitaria Minuto de Dios – UNIMINUTO (Colombia), with the project: The development of Distance Higher Education in Colombia articulates, coverage and educational quality.
  • Second Place: Rosa González González, María Paulina Brito Ochoa, Dayana Lozada Núñez and Rina Vera Nicola, professors at Universidad de Guayaquil (Ecuador), with the project: “Knowledge Transfer Strategy to Accelerate the Entrepreneurship Capacity of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MIPYMES) and the Artisan Sector in the Province of Guayas, Ecuador ".
  • First Place: Francisco Matiz Bulla, Catalina Ruiz Arias and Jairo Alonso Orozco Triana, Associate Professors of the EAN University (Colombia), with the project: Accompanying entrepreneurs at the EAN University.

In the Innovation Students and Graduates category:

  • Third Place: Luis Yoanny Montaño Pino, IESA - Institute of Higher Studies in Administration (Venezuela), with the project: Methodology to measure, analyze and incorporate psychological variables, which affect the travel mode, in the origin-destination surveys.
  • Second Place: Nahima Abad, American University (Nicaragua), with the project; Mayana.
  • First Place: Federico Fernández from IESA, Institute of Higher Studies in Administration (Venezuela), won the first place, with the project: the largest solar electric power in roofs in Panama.

In the Innovation University category:

  • Third Place: Dr. Alfonso López Lira Arjona, professor at the Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon (Mexico), with the project: The training of human resources in the development of technological innovation capacity in the large manufacturing companies of Nuevo León, Mexico.
  • Second Place: Margie Faith Vargas and José Martínez Villavicencio, professors of the TEC of Costa Rica, with the project: Management of Technology Transfer, Model for the case of Biotechnology in the Technological of Costa Rica.
  • First Place: Oriol Alcoba, General Director of ESADE Creapolis (Spain), with the project: La Rambla de la Innovación de ESADE.


Participating in the event: Jorge Talavera, President of Esan University (Peru); Roberto Solano, representative of the University of the Americas Puebla - UDLAP (Mexico); Andrés Toledo, Dean, Business School of the Adolfo Ibáñez University (Chile); Josep Franch, Dean, ESADE Business School (Spain); Rubén Darío Echeverry; Dean, Faculty of Administration Sciences Universidad del Valle (Colombia); Mariella Olivos, Executive Coordinator of CLADEA, and about 350 attendees.