The school requires a workload in accordance to standards worldwide adopted and candidates will have their primary institutional attachment to FDC. Candidates must hold a doctoral degree, preferably from an internationally recognized school; be fluent in English, Portuguese or Spanish.
Position: Assistant Professor of Management Specializing in Strategic Management / International Business

The successful candidate will teach 5 courses per year (approximately 20-24 students per section) at the undergraduate and MBA levels in the areas of strategic management and international business.

Research leading to publications in the top academic journals in these areas is also required. In addition, the successful candidate will work closely with the Associate Dean for International Business Programs, and is expected to provide service to the department, school and/or university.

Consistent with these requirements, the successful candidate will have demonstrated competence in both research and teaching to a degree that is expected for their stage of career, with expectations increasing if the candidate has already completed their Ph.D. and is teaching at another university.

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