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About Cladea

The Latin American Council of Management Schools – CLADEA is an international organization that joins brings together education institutions and international organizations committed to the teaching and research of management.

Currently, CLADEA is formed by 235 public and private member institutions that come from America, Oceania and Europe 14 new members joined during the Assembly 2019.

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  • Improving management teaching as well as promoting research on management science.
  • Promoting management among the social and economic organizations of Latin America.
  • Developing international standards cooperation systems between directors and academics of different countries as well as varied topics of interest, promoting research, cases development and bibliographical support.
  • Maintaining mutual help bonds with the world’s most important institutionals networks, this way creating a global communication network based on the study of management and similar disciplines.
  • Through the membership, provide a high quality certification that ensures international quality standards and academic progress potential.

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Steering CommitteeAcademic Committee

Strategic alliances

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Smart Certificate
235 institutions from over Europe, Oceania, America are part of CLADEA.


  • Workshops and specialized seminars
  • Active participation in the CLADEA Innovation and Entrepreneurship Network
  • Support in the promotion of own investigations and of the students of the Institutions
  • Investment support for research through the Emerald / Cladea Award
  • Convention


Our members are institutions from Europe, Latin-America and Oceania that are dedicated to teaching and researching both the sciences and techniques of management that applied for a membership and were accepted in the Members Assembly.


A space in where it’s possible to easily access a wide variety of articles, researches, publications, etc. that have the support of academics from Latin-America’s best institutions. Moreover, CLADEA publishes theoretical and practical researches on different platforms such as the Academia magazine, CLADEA Balas Case Consortium, Guide to Responsible Business Education in Latin America, etc.

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