53°Annual Assembly

"Innovation and knowledge, cornerstones of a land’s productivity and prosperity"
October 7 – 9 / San José, Costa Rica

Welcome letter


Dr. José Martínez Villavicencio
Chair CLADEA 2018
Email: jomartinez@itcr.ac.cr

The continuous search for development and sustainability must be a relevant topic for every country, as it improves its people’s life quality. In pursue of this goal, organizations implement important strategies in a local, regional and global context, innovation and knowledge being central values in the economic growth models. Because of their very nature, both are core values that play a significant role on different nation’s efforts to improve capacities and resources made to face the challenges of modern day. The full understanding of the globalization concept, as well as other ones derived from it, such as social and productive dependency, put together with the constant interaction with the world’s different interest groups (clients, providers, investors and academics), define a new way of dealing with global growth and sustainability needs.

CLADEA’s 53th Annual Assembly 2018 will be a fine chance to share different thematic approaches in the context of track variety and plenary meetings settled for this Congress. How innovation and knowledge contribute to the productivity improvement and the land’s prosperity and how have we dealt with the challenges that hinder innovation and progress will be focal points of the Congress. We will share the findings of researchers from different continents; this way not only new bonds between the participants will arise, but past ones will be strengthened. This event, which has the purpose of promoting the development of knowledge in a collective effort, is the space many pursue in order to stablish cooperation alliances that desire joint activities between CLADEA members. Furthermore, successful business people in the field of models of innovation and knowledge creation implementation will share their experiences.

We and the country of Costa Rica will be glad to welcome you. This over 50.000 kilometers land has been blessed by Mother Nature and has a population with high happiness standards. In Costa Rica also great natural diversity in both plants and animals can be found, as well as beaches and mountains. Your participation is highly awaited. We will be glad to provide you with the finest academic and social attention. It is a great honor for the EAE TEC (Business Management School of Costa Rica Tecnológico, by its initials in Spanish), through its Management, Economy and Techological Management Investigation Center, to be the host of CLADEA’s 53th Annual Assembly. A work program that will allow making the best use of time and stimulates a more successful learning of the Congress’ topics will be offered.

Call for papers CLADEA 2018

"Innovation and knowledge, cornerstones of a land’s productivity and prosperity"

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All societies around the world have prosperity as one of their ideals, but it goes beyond mere economic growth: we think of it as holistic, a concept that fuses economic elements with social, environmental and ethical ones.

Productivity is one of the elements related to prosperity, as it allows the nations and businesses’ competitiveness to grow. Overall, Latin-American countries face important challenges in this matter, showing that their productivity is far behind the one of world leaders.

The use of innovation and knowledge is one of the main characteristics of today’s economy, and for this reason Latin-America has great potential, but faces big challenges as well. The most competitive (thus more productive) countries are the ones that make better use of innovation and knowledge.

There have been attempts so that business schools deal with this this type of subjects and propose context-relevant solutions. We invite authors to submit their researches and take advantage of the publishing chances CLADEA provides them:

  • One of CLADEA’s Congress main attractions is that the best papers will be published on an ACADEMIA Special Issue, Journal of CLADEA.
  • Additionally, the best case studies from the “Cases” track will be included in the CLADEA-BALAS Case Consortium, which has Harvard Business Publishing as distributer.
  • For this occasion, CLADEA’s Academic Committee has stablished an association that has a significant number of high impact Journals. These Journals are interested in receiving researches from Latin-American authors, and its editors offer an accelerated evaluation process to papers that have been deemed exceptional for the different tracks of this event.
  • CLADEA and Emerald Group Publishing are offering a monetary prize (US$ 3,000) that goes by the name “Emerald/Cladea Latin American Management Research Fund Award”, given with the aim to fund the best research project.

For the papers presentation, we use the Easychair system (See instructions).

Please, consider the following indications:


01 Economy, Finance and Accounting
02 Leadership and Management of Human Capital. Gender and administration.
03 Ethics, Social Responsibility and Environment.
04 Entrepreneurship and SMEs
05 Operations and IT Management
06 Marketing
07 General Management and Strategy
08 Knowledge Management and Innovation
09 New perspectives of management and teaching in business schools
10 The impact of the financial sector on business productivity
11 Cases ► See instructions

* Ongoing research can be submitted in the Poster Session, presented in no more than 5 pages that are going to describe the situation the author(s) deem subject to study, the state of the situation’s theoretic basis and the kind of support the author(s) need in order to conclude the research. ► See instructions

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Join to CLADEA 2018 Reviewers. Please, click here the following link*.

(*) Before completing this form. Please, analyze if you will have the time necessary to do the reviewer activities.

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(*) The Doctoral Colloquium participants have access only to the "XVI CLADEA Doctoral Colloquium" activities, scheduled on October 7 and the Welcome Cocktail.

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