Breaking the mold: Anticipating the challenges of local education

Riverside, California - USA October 17-19, 2017

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We live in a time of great change and flux. It is a time of advancements in technology; a new momentum in the global movement of people and goods; changing markets for manufacturing and transportation sectors; and new ideas and concepts on the role of government, business, and civil society in the decision making process that moves our communities forward. These are creating great opportunities, but also a number of new risks with threats to our cyber and personal networks. There are new ideas on how institutions of higher education are managed and how we teach in our classrooms. There are new expectations and demands for results as never before.

This dynamic can only increase in the foreseeable future as it is highly improbable that the process of globalization will slow down – even with the backlash seen in 2016 across the world in political races, xenophobia, terrorist’s acts, and calls to close borders. This is all part of the change and flux as there are always those for change and those who want to maintain the status quo. Institutions of higher learning need to meet these new demands by thinking outside of the box and taking away best practices from its peers. This will be done through a revisioning of collaboration and breaking the mold of higher education.

CLADEA’s 2017 Annual Assembly is a chance for scholars and educational leaders from across the globe to come together to discuss these pertinent issues of our time. Latin America, in particular, will play a large role in the future direction of global trade and the development of the Americas. How it plays out will depend on our ability to collaborate better as societies. Leaders and scholars in higher education have an important part in this collaboration as we provide the data and analysis decision makers need, educate the next generation of leaders, and work to strengthen civil society.

CLADEA 2017 is a place for new opportunities as the organization will hold its Annual Assembly for the first time in Southern California – a region touched by locations throughout the world through its history, multiculturalism, business climate, and tourism. This event will provide the arena for us to learn from each other and find new ways to collaborate. It is through a proactive lens and working together that we will all come out better.

CSUSB, particularly the Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration, is honored to be able to host CLADEA 2017 and looking forward to providing an event based in excellence for all to collaborate, learn, and enjoy.

See you in Riverside in October 2017!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at cladea2017@csusb.edu

Dra. Kimberly Collins Chairwoman Dra. Kimberly Collins Chairwoman



The CLADEA 52nd Annual Assembly will be held from October 17-19, 2017 in Riverside, California. All those interested are invited to submit their paper. The CLADEA Annual Assembly is a global meeting of academics and deans from universities and schools with programs related to administration of the private and public sectors, found in 33 different countries.

The central theme of this year’s Annual Assembly is "Breaking the Mold: Anticipating the Challenges of Global Education". Globalization, technology, and new perspectives in public finance management are challenging the old models of higher education. The future is unsure as institutions work to reframe their educational framework and business models. Questions of maintaining pedagogical standards and functioning more as a business will challenge the future of institutions of higher learning. Papers that address these issues along with the following tracks are invited.

  1. Economics, Finance and Accounting
  2. Leadership and Human Capital Management
  3. Ethics, Social Responsibility, and the Environment
  4. Entrepreneurship and SMEs
  5. Operations Management and TT.II
  6. Marketing
  7. General Management and Strategy
  8. Innovation and Innovation Management
  9. The Globalization of Business Schools and their challenges. Accreditation and Educational Quality
  10. Cases
  • Deadline extended May 30th
  • Notification of acceptance June 30
  • Early registration August 31
  • Conference Registration Deadline September 30
  • Pre-Conference Tours October 16
  • Doctoral Colloquium October 16
  • CLADEA Annual Assembly Meeting October 17-19

Will be made a special edition for the best papers submitted at the event, and will be published in:

  1. Academia Revista Latinoamericana de Administración (ARLA)
  2. Journal of Economics Finance and Administrative Science
  3. International Journal of Business and Emerging Markets
  4. Business Perspectives and Research
  5. Pan-Pacific Journal of Business Research

This is a great opportunity to publish papers submitted at CLADEA 2017.

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