CLADEA Collaboration Agreement - BNI Peru

On February 21, CLADEA signed a Collaboration Agreement with BNI Peru, an association of entrepreneurs that in Peru has 17 groups made up of approximately 50 entrepreneurs. It should be noted that BNI has a global presence, with representation in various countries.

This agreement fosters the Academy-Company link, since companies associated with BNI will form part of CLADEA CONECTA, a program aimed at providing solutions and support to the problems faced by public and private institutions, this through a technological platform that connects the institutions affiliated to CLADEA with the businessmen of the BNI network, who will propose challenges that the institutions - with the support of teachers and students - will seek to solve. Additionally, it seeks to promote employability as part of the sustainable development of society.

Francisco Pujol, National Director of BNI Peru, highlighted the benefits of this agreement and the collaborative work that will contribute to strengthening organizations at the regional level. 

For his part, Manuel Ortiz de Zevallos, Executive Director of CLADEA, highlighted the importance of developing synergies with the business sector to facilitate the management of projects of social scope, which also add value to the member institutions of our network.