Doctoral Colloquium Report 2019

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Doctoral Colloquium Report 2019

The activity developed on October 27 at the facilities of the ESAN University (Peru) had 100 participants. 42 doctoral proposals were received. Of the 22 papers accepted, 17 were presented at the Congress (77.2%).

The opening of the event was in charge of Dr. José Robles, Chair of the Doctoral Colloquium. There was a team of 8 panelists from different universities:

Juan Timaná, ESAN University

Laura Rojas De Francisco, EAFIT University

Edgardo Bravo, University of the Pacific

Mónica Blanco, Autonomous University of Nuevo León

Izaías Martins, EAFIT University

Víctor Bohórquez, PUCMM

Ketty Jauregui, ESAN University

Gareth Rees, ESAN University

We also appreciate the valuable support of this year's Chairs:


José Antonio Robles-Flores

 ESAN University


Mariano Gentilin



Vicenta Sierra



Ajá Vinzé

University of Missouri

United States

In the afternoon, the Workshop of the Doctoral Colloquium was in charge of Dr. Izaías Martins and Dr. Laura Rojas de Francisco who addressed the topic: “Hits and misses in the development of a doctoral thesis”.