Report CLADEA 2019

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The 54th Annual CLADEA Assembly was organized from October 27 to 29, on the campus of the University of Lima and ESAN University (Peru). The event brought together nearly 500 attendees among rectors, deans, program directors and business faculties and researchers from  America, Europe and Oceania.

The central theme of the meeting was: “Digital Transformation and Sustainable Development: challenges and opportunities for business schools”.

The inauguration of the event held on October 28 was in charge of the Chairs of CLADEA 2019, Dr. Patricia Stuart, Vice Rector of the University of Lima, Dr. Jorge Talavera Traverso, Rector of the ESAN University. Also present were Dr. Octavio Ibarra, president of the CLADEA Steering Committee and the MBA Carlos Neuhaus, president of the Organizing Committee of the Lima 2019 Pan American Games.

The Plenary Session 1 called: “The 3 Ts that will define our Future: Technology, Talent and Transformation”, was presented by Dr. Luis Vives, Vice Dean of Programs of ESADE Business School. Subsequently, the workshop: "Digital skills in Peru and its evolution. Comparison with Colombia and Spain" was organized, where the “II Report at the Digital Director Level -  Peru 2019” was presented  by Dr. Jordi Díaz, Dean of Programs & International Relations of EADA Business School.  The deans session also had as its central theme: “Internationalization among Latin American schools: The Case of Spring Network”, whose panelists were Dr. Xavier Ordeñana (Ecuador), Dr. Peter Yamakawa (Peru) and Dr. Gastón Labadie (Uruguay) In the afternoon, the entrepreneurship panel : “Digital transformation and business development” took place, whose panelists were the General Manager of Mibanco, Javier Ichazo; Manager of Platanitos y Kayser Company, Pedro Mont ; the Director of Customer Satisfaction and Human Capital at Visanet Peru, Annarita Nieri; and the manager of Vitalinti, Carlos Domínguez.

Also, the EMERITUS Institute of Management-sponsored workshop was presented: “The 3 Ps of Online Business Education,” by Dr. Allan Fisher , as well as the Company Game conference “Digital Transformation: the challenge of achieving a better integration of Teachers and Technology ”, carried out by Dr. Josep Franch Bullich, Dean of ESADE Business School, Spain and Dr. Laura Esther Zapata Cantú, Associate Academic Dean EGADE, Mexico.

The day concluded with the workshop: “Publishing in top journals for non native English speakers”, the Latin American Network for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Meeting and the “Erasmus-InnovaT Project”, sponsored by the University of Lima.

On Tuesday, October 29, the activities took place at the ESAN University Campus. It began with the conference: "Cybersecurity Impacts on Digital Transformation", conducted by Dr. Brett Landry and the Women's Panel entitled: "Empowering women in the Latin American labor sector: What role do management schools play?" , whose panelists were: Dr. Nila Wiese (Puget Sound University, USA), Dr. Patricia Stuart Alvarado (University of Lima, Peru), Mg. Andrea de la Piedra (AEQUALES) and Dr. Ketty Jauregui (ESAN University, Peru ).

The Plenary Session 2 was later sponsored by ESIC Business & Marketing School, whose theme was: "Digital transformation: Leading management, technology and the client", by Dr. Manuel Balsera.

Subsequently, activities such as the session sponsored by the ESAN-ESIC Alliance, entitled "Academic Network of Digital Transformation for Latin America and Best Practices: Case of the digital transformation of an organization in the region", whose panelists were Dr. Felipe Llano Fernández, Director of Corporate Development of ESIC; Dr. Otto Regalado, Commercial Director of ESAN, and the MBA Luis Torres Mariscal, Vice President and Head of Scotiabank Digital Banking.

Then, the second CLADEA Groups face-to-face meeting was held: Internationalization, called "Internationalization, Strategies and best practices in Latin America." Participating as guests were Dr. Andrew Joyce-Gibbons, Visiting Professor of GRADE, Durham University (United Kingdom); Dr. Pedro Crovetto - University of Dortmund (Germany) and Dr. Mariella Olivos, ESAN University (Peru).

In the afternoon, the CLADEA General Members Assembly was held, as well as the workshop: “Academia and Business, working together to improve the employability of young people; Europe-Latin America Project”, presented by Dr. Mariella Olivos, and had  the participation of Lic. Ivonne López Hernández, Director of Partnerships for America Latina, OECD Center in Mexico, with the theme: “Skills and occupations of the Future for Peru”.

Finally, the session sponsored by Vértice e-Learning was presented: “Virtual school of skills for universities, a one-click solution”, by Diego Sánchez Álvarez, Director of e-learning and Business Development in Vértice and the session sponsored by RimaOne: “Satisfying external accreditation standards: How to get there, how to prove it?”, by Friedemann Schulze-Fielitz, Director, Business School Services, EFMD and Benjamin Stevenin, CEO of RimaOne. Finally, attendees enjoyed the closing cultural dinner.