CLADEA Research

Cladea groups are work groups  made up of representatives and academics of Cladea member´s  schools which deal in relevant areas of interest in business education in Latin America and the world.

Currently, the Cladea Groups available are:

  1. Internationalization
  2. Social impact
  3. Investigation
  4. Entrepreneurship
  5. Undergraduate Academic Development
  6. Postgraduate Academic Development
  7. Doctorate

In each Cladea group, projects will be developed that will allow joint work in research, curriculum strengthening and knowledge expansion.

This groups are  carried out with the purpose of developing projects that will benefit business education, the strengthening of curricular design and specific knowledge on the relevant topics.

What are the Cladea Research objectives?

To promote and develop scientific and applied research in the fields of administrative sciences, in response to the needs of the global market.

To promote the Academy-Business linkage, considering the particularities of the research and its impact on the development of the region.

To strengthen collaborative work to carry out research projects, the results of which will  contribute to the creation of new knowledge about the specialty.


The research and academic products generated by each group will be part of the Latin American Observatory of Administrative Sciences of CLADEA.

CLADEA will be responsible for processing the ISBN code of the publication that each group generates.

Participation in academic events in different parts of the world representing the Cladea Group.

Work Methodology

The work meetings of each of the Cladea groups are held through virtual meetings. There are two face-to-face meetings with  members each year; at the annual Cladea Assembly and at the Annual Dean ´s Workshop.

All Deans and representatives of the Cladea member´s  schools can be part of the Cladea Groups. If you are intereses. For more information write to: or

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