It is a pleasure to greet you on behalf of CLADEA and invite you to join the team of sponsors of the 55th Annual Assembly #CLADEA2020, called: “The future of work, social impact and the role of business schools”. The Virtual International Congress #CLADEA2020 is a great opportunity to contact the most important universities and business schools in Latin America, North America, Europe and Oceania.

Why sponsor #CLADEA2020?

Obtain recognition as a sponsor and strengthen the presence of your brand in the global academic and business market. Some benefits:
  • It will strengthen the presence of your brand in the academic and business market globally,
  • You can present your product and / or service to all the participants of the event,
  • You will have the opportunity to interact with rectors, deans, directors and decision makers of universities and institutions worldwide,
  • Access to segmented databases,
  • Promotion through our web portal and social media platform,
  • Include your logo in the event App,
  • Include your brand in # CLADEA2020's international branding strategy, etc.
  • Below, we present the different sponsorship options offered by # CLADEA2020.
Next, we present the different sponsorship and exhibition options offered by the event:


You will be recognized as a CLADEA 2020 Premium Sponsor, you will have the maximum brand exposure before and during the event.


You will have great brand exposure throughout the event, prominent location of your logo on the CLADEA 2020 website, in the mobile application, virtual program and other benefits.


Among the benefits are: Featured location of your logo on the event website, mobile application, virtual program, promotional material, etc.

For more information about the benefits, please contact:

Jose Tolentino P. 
email: jtolentino@cladea.org

Very truly yours,

CLADEA Executive Office


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